Images that are generated by a computer using three-dimensional modeling software or other computer software for presentation purposes are commonly termed ‘Computer Generated Renderings’. Rendering techniques vary. Some methods create simple flat images or images with basic shadows. A popular technique uses sophisticated software to approximate accurate lighting and materials. This technique is often referred to as a ‘Photo Real’ rendering. Renderings are usually created for presentation, marketing and design analysis purposes.

The Editor & The Designer

The Editor of this online design magazine specializes in creating photo-realistic 3D Interior Design rendering for clients who wish to visualize the interior design of their homes before they are built. This advance design application not only provides them immeasurable possibilities inΒ  designing their homes but also saves them the time and cost to budget for the interior construction before embarking on the actual building.

Photo realistic images generated from this design application technique facilitates accurate requirements communication to the clients’ appointed builders. Issues of problematic execution can easily be discuss and resolve to minimize future dispute when the project is completed.

The Editor would like to share his passion and creativity with clients who believe in investing their time, effort and resources in their homes where design and heart are in sync with perfect harmony.