Elliot James was founded in 2012 by Elliot Barratt and Tom Ryan. Elliot grew up in a family of designers and his eye for interior details shone from an early age. It is this deep-routed and, almost innate, passion and expertise that lead to the formation of the company and the same passion that has helped it grow to what it is today; one of Singapore’s most successful and vibrant studios.

The combination of British heritage alongside five years of Asian immersion means a cultural, stylistic, and creative eye that blends the two vastly different cultures into something truly unique. Whether luxury high end interiors for residential properties, stylish offices or arresting commercial units, the company prides itself on attention to detail, unique flair, and dedicated passion to do the best job possible.

One of Elliot James key philosophies, and something that sets the business apart, is to embrace the space before the interior is even started. After understanding the client aspirations, the team spend time working through the location and the space to ensure the existing potential is maximised and utilised in the final design, making for a seamless and stunning creation every time.