Mini-version of Panthella in imaginative colours

Louis Poulsen is now launching a mini-version of the iconic Panthella lamp with a diameter of 250mm – scaled down from the standard 400mm size. Panthella MINI features painted metal shades and will be available in eight eye-catching colours from Verner Panton’s own colour spectrum: yellow, orange, mauve, red, pink, blue and two shades of green. Versions in white, black and opal acrylic will also be on sale. The miniature Panthella features three light intensities and the latest LED technology and will be in stores as from September 2016.

The colours are drawn from the last project Verner Panton was working on before his death in 1998: ‘Lyset og Farven’ (‘Light and Colour’) exhibition hosted at Trapholt Museum of Modern Art in Kolding, Denmark, which took the form of a complete installation comprising eight rooms in different colours, where the furniture, light fittings and fabrics, created by Verner Panton over a period of 50 years, were framed in a holistic presentation of colours and light. Colour and imagination were two key elements in the world of Verner Panton, and Louis Poulsen has chosen the new colours for the Panthella MINI from the spectrum that Verner Panton himself had selected for the remarkable universe that was ‘Lyset og Farven’.

“Verner Panton originally developed the Panthella lamp in partnership with Louis Poulsen in 1971. He originally wanted to have Panthella launched with a metal shade, but this was not technologically possible at that time. In other words, the Panthella MINI is a world first, based on Verner Panton’s original drawings,” relates Rasmus Markholt, Design Manager at Louis Poulsen. While most other Danish architects and designers in the 1950s and 1960s were working with wood and other natural materials, Verner Panton’s predilection for new materials saw him develop into a specialist in steel, plastic, Plexiglas and fibreglass. His design work involving synthetic materials was trail-blazing, and he was a pioneer in the field of designs using circles and rounded shapes before they became mainstream style under the banner of ‘organic design’. According to Rasmus Markholt, this is one of the reasons why Verner Panton’s lamps – especially the semi-spherical Panthella lamp with its trumpet-shaped foot – has become a
true design icon with an edge to it. “Since the retro-wave of the 1990s rolled over us, enthusiasm for Verner Panton’s lamps has risen sharply. His products are in great demand at auction houses all over the world, and we have received a great many requests for a Panthella lamp in a smaller format, designed to stand on window sills, shelves, tables or other limited surfaces,” he says.

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