Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall

The grand old dames of Singapore’s performing arts scene – the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall – returns in July 2014 after a three-year refurbishment costing $158 million. Their return fills a gap in the local scene, providing a suitably constructed mid-sized theatre and concert hall much needed in Singapore’s growing arts and cultural landscape. The 152-year-old national monuments will see their heritage elements conserved while offering state of the art features in its facilities.

Boasting a total Gross Floor Area of approximately 13,800 square metres after refurbishment, Singapore’s oldest performing arts centres will see their old world charm come alive through careful restoration of their original architecture. Besides preserving their elegant Victorian façade, the original passageway connecting the theatre and concert hall as well as her famed clock tower will be restored.

The existing theatre and concert hall has been transformed into intimate spaces, designed to provide an engaging experience between audiences and the performers. Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall feature improved acoustics and functional designs that enhance the monumentality of the space.

Nestled within the historical charm of the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall are new features such as music and dance/theatre rehearsal rooms.

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